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Controlling Your Emotions

October 30th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Control-Your-Emotions(This is a topic I definitely struggle with on a daily basis although I am definitely making progress.)

While I was sitting down to write this article, I was hit with a maelstrom of foolishness that sent my blood pressure through the roof. The more I thought about the issue, the more irate I became. It felt like I was about to explode into a demonic rage only the darkest depths of hell have witnessed. All of a sudden, something clicked inside my head.

“I just wrote an article about stress. I am constantly telling others that they are only stressed because they allow themselves to be. What the hell is my problem?”

The more I thought about the issue and the circumstances surrounding it, it was easy for me to determine that I would not allow someone else to have that much power over me. I am giving them so much power by allowing them to control my mind by their actions.

The “problem” was no longer an issue. Stress and emotions are there because we allow them to be there. It was much easier for me to make a mental note of the situation, and treat the perpetrator accordingly in the future. Most people will do or say things just to see you upset or bent out of shape.

If you have any suggestions on this topic, leave a comment.

Sidenote: Over the weekend we will be working on the accountability portion of this site’s mission statement. We will discuss some of the projects we are currently working on, immediate goals and tasks, and what position we are currently in.

  1. Simon
    March 17th, 2010 at 21:12 | #1

    I spend 20 minutes writing out my emotions everyday, trying to feel emotions I’m only a little or not conscious of and admit them to myself. Not only has this helped cure me of many health problems, but it has freed my mind from constant tension and increased my ability to deal with new emotional situations when they arise. After I get my emotions out on paper, I destroy the paper. It’s a wonderful release.

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